How It Works

Search millions of music files!
Using the advanced software, you can instantly search from thousands of songs! Search for whatever you want, whenever you want it. We have no limits on what you can search for allowing you to search millions of music files from any artists!

Enjoy Your Music
Within seconds you can enjoy your music right on your computer! With our ultra-fast servers, you can download a complete song in no time allowing you to enjoy you music when you want to!

Burn Your Music
On the go? Take you music with you! We provide you with all the tools necessary to take your music with you to play it at home, in the car, or in your portable music player! We place no restrictions on any of our music downloads like other companies, we let you do whatever you want to do with your new music!

What Makes Us Special

Unlimited Downloads!
We offer unlimited downloads, 24/7 allowing you to download as many files as you want whenever you want to. There are no time limits, no bandwidth limits, no content limits, and 100% privacy. We provide you with access to the fastest, most reliable servers giving you the fastest possible transfer rate and highest quality download possible.

Access To The Largest Network!
Join today and get access to the largest downloading network. With millions of users on the network at any time and thousands more signing up everyday we make sure you find whatever you are looking for! We list new files to download each and every day 24/7. So no matter if it's a classic song your looking for or a new song you heard on the radio yesterday, we will have it!

Affordable Membership Plans!
We have priced our membership for people who love music. With membership plans starting at only a couple pennies a day, there is no reason why you can't afford our service. Plus, we don't charge for each song you download! So you can download five songs or one-hundred songs and your membership price will never change!

24/7 Customer Support!
No need to worry about not know how to use our service because we offer complimentary 24/7 support, all day every day! No matter what kind of problem you have with your service, our friendly support team will be here to assist you!


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